Apple's iOS 5 Vs. Google's Ice Cream Sandwich 4 - A Comparative Study

Much to the delight of users as well as iPhone App developers, the latest version of iPhone - iOS 5 is getting released on October 12, 2011. On the other hand, Google is also geared up for Android 4.0 or Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich is a latest version of Android OS, which is currently under development phase - most likely to be launched in November. But there are lots of smart phones and tablet makers are waiting for Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich release.

So, clearly, Apple‘s iOS 5 and Google’s Ice Cream sandwich 4.0 are once against each other.
With iOS5, iPhone app developers and users will get a host of new features in its devices that Android users already enjoy, including notifications, wireless operations, and PC-free operation.
 So, the point of concern is can iOS 5 sets and delivers the things to withstand the competition to Android. All we can say or advice is to 'wait and watch' at this time, and let both the versions hit the desk and then we can strategically compare them along. But to the curiosity of all our readers, let’s dig deeper to find out more details:

The Apple Strategy: Deeper penetration into the market by easing User’s assistance
IOS 5's : With the new launch, Apple is creating services for its users to assist them with their normal routines.
It will enable the users to send quick iMessages in the form of reminders to other iOS users (A new leap).
Also, the new OS will render Web pages in an easy-to-read format. So, users need NOT to play more around the phone for essential alerts.

Furthermore, some more features include:
  •  The browser improvements that will allow for offline reading,
  •  Access to the camera even from the lock screen
  •  Twitter integration
And so on...

Other imminent update is iCloud, which keeps everything of your device on the cloud - thus ensuring the security and a speedy access to the data stored.

The Google Strategy: Be practical and allow more Utility of the product to the Users
Ice Cream Sandwich:
In contrast, Google's vision for Android isn't as attractive. But users who take advantage of Android's best features will find it useful in many ways.

Some of its stand-out features include:
  • Turn-by-turn directions,
  • More innovative widgets
  • Extensive voice commands and no-size-fits-all hardware
  • Making the Android tablet devices USB hosts, this will further facilitate Android developers to create intuitive apps for the Google TV platform.
It is claimed that the new OS would be completely compatible with major videogame console controllers as well as with Web cameras to recognize the face of the speaker at a given moments.
Seems, Apple's iOS offers a bundle of services, adding to the User-friendliness and intended to make our lives easier, while Android already has everything but 'User easiness is the only word missing from all their versions - so, they will definitely try to compensate and this thickness in the market.


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