mobile SFA on Call

Sales forceautomation systems are designed to meet the sales professional day to day requirements in mentality and real-world sales environments in mind.  Today’s competitive market needs to find the best handheld hardware and the right carrier for the company. The SPEC INDIA mobile field salesforce solution provides sales reps with out-of-the-way order adding capabilities directly from the grocery stores, retailers and distributors outlets where they are taking orders.

Previously the orders were done through paper work or may be fax from whole sale’s but now with the help of SFAit speeds up the process and improves the service to customers. It also provides increased visibility of orders for sale management enabling much better improved turnaround time. The sales representatives get more time to sales appointments and therefore generate bigger volume of sales and advantages of faxing.

It has the ability to deliver very sophisticatedly for agile solution to corporate clients to meet the desires of the market shout. Most of the sales force automation software can be tailored to fit specific sales procedure. When used as a sales process management tool, SFA software can comprise a series of sales activities that guides sales representatives from end to end every single step in the sales process.


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