Mobile Gaming Platform Devices

In the previous post, we had introduced the technical aspects of mobile game development and the market scenario as a whole. With this article, we will try to introduce the most popular mobile gaming devices.

The current 4 major mobile platforms are:
1.       Windows Phone 7
This product belongs to Microsoft. It incorporates a library of corporate applications and integrations some social networking features as Bing, Windows Live, etc. in their technology. There are approx. 1800 apps in total available in various categories. It is currently operated on around 5 models of handsets.
2.       Blackberry
This is more typically positioned as a business phone, came to market around 2002. It incorporates high security communication, email, text, IMs and its own unique Blackberry Messenger. There are approx. 3000 apps available. It is currently operated on about 10 models of blackberry handsets.
3.       Apple iOS
It began with a bang in 2007. The parent Company is Apple. The operating system, popularly known as iOS incorporates all contents and apps managed through iTunes. There are approx. 3 Lac apps available. Apple iOS is currently operated on around 5 different versions of handsets such as iPhone and iPad.
4.       Google Android
This is a product from Google. It began in 2008 as a open source operating system. It incorporated Gmail, contacts, calendar, maps and other social networking features in their phones. There are approx. 1 Lac apps available and almost 50% of them are free. Google Android is currently operated on over 20 models of handsets. All the apps can be found at the Android market place.


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