Steps to build a better iPhone application

Thanks to the increasing powerful devices and cheaper data plans, the mobile app space is creatively growing faster year by year. Apple has been the front runner – thanks to the iOS devices. There are now over 50,000 apps available for sale at the App store, making it harder to get a newly released app noticed by the fellow users.

Here are a brief list of useful steps, which should be considered when getting into the iPhone app game:
> Narrow your focus and stick to the concept of the app/game, even when preparing the designs and GUI
> Build a better user experience
> Choose your approach – like what you need in this app, if you were the User of the app
> Use the correct tools for the job
> Testing on live phones of all the versions
> Submission to the app store

We have a already submitted our article on what the iPhone developers need to take care of during submission of their apps on the App store. And following these steps will definitely increase the chances of generating the maximum revenues and taking the app on top of the store.

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