Cloud Server: Concept of Mobile Programming

A Cloud Server is the main and server-side component of the infrastructure that is located in the ‘Cloud.’ From the mobile apps developers point of view, a cloud server stays in between the mobile device and the actual cloud data services, which is being mobilized. The Cloud Server provides a Java based API to expose the data services. The system provides mobile-oriented features like data sync, real-time push, etc.

The Cloud Server further has 2 concepts:

1. A ChannelA Channel serves as a gateway for integration the on-device model/data objects with the server-side backend storage systems such as relational databases, Enterprise systems like CRMs, etc. It provides an interface to expose the backend data. The catch here is to keep a channel which is purely data-oriented component.

2. A MobileServiceBeanA MobileServiceBean frees up the developers from all the RPC concerns like security related issues, network connections, checking/unchecking payloads, etc. It exposes some coarse grained business process to the on-device Mobile App, and provides a simple request/response based synchronous invocation mechanism.

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