Tips for iPhone application developers

For creating and programming an iPhone application, the person must first get registered as an Apple iOS developer. After you get registered, you will by default have an access to the tremendous arsenal of Apple’s technical resources and reference libraries with a free registration.

Do consider the following tips while your app is in the early stages of programming an iPhone application:
> Select a proper name and make sure that your name does not match to any popular available app
> If you select a similar name to the already existing app, then gather the knowledge of their offerings, and differentiate your own application from these ones
> Make a detailed list of the features and the flow of the application that you want to develop. And then follow the list through the entire development process.
> Make use of all the available audio tutorials, video streams, documents, etc. – this is a very fruitful database for resources
> Hire help of the counterparts. Means, if you are a designer – hire the programming work; and vice versa. Let the expert make the suitable work.
> Design a unique icon for you as a programmer, and then upload all the apps developed by you using the same icon always. This will generate a positive sign for all your viewers.

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Happy iPhone programming!


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