Use of Java in Enterprise Software development

Java programming has always been a handy option in enterprise level software development. Apart from its robust architecture and open source characteristics, Java platform is the best for enterprise level software because of the following brief reasons:

> The enterprise level software are module based structures. Java enables logical grouping of functionality more effectively than any other platform.
> Both integrated and distributed applications require a high degree of fault tolerance because of one-to-many and many-to-many relationships in the transfer of data. Java has an interface development package that facilitates such design.
> ERP applications differ from conventional business applications in two primary areas—they are integrated and/or distributed. So any ERP application development platform must be promoted by a robust architecture, and Java apparently has that.
> Java development has many strengths when applied to Enterprise level softwares. It is itself platform-independent; it is object-oriented, and thus it is flexible and modular - and it facilitates the creation of secure applications a key consideration in distributed apps, both in-house and across B2B interfaces.
> Java application assembler resolves dependencies between components by creating links in the corresponding modules' deployment mechanism.
> The J2EE specifications place a number of requirements on components and deployment units, which is very essential for Enterprise software development.

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