Smart Apps for Smart Ones on Smartphones

A game on the go, a big stress reliever; typing a word to a dear one ,whenever there is a minute; sending a smile , a breath of fresh air in between commute ; checking the emails before reaching home; disconnecting from the world ; great ideas where hustle and bustle is a way of life...

The transformation of a phone from a simple communication device to an indispensable smartphone; a diary, a reminder, an alarm, a jukebox, a guide, a marketing tool, a brand ambassador is complete. Smartphones and the mobile applications for games, social networking, chatting and business applications are changing it all...
Mobile Application Development Services Firm

No wonder than that Mobile apps and smartphones are synonyms for each other and for days to come.

Businesses are not far behind in exploiting the benefits of mobile apps. A correct Enterprise Mobility strategy, with trendy mobile apps built using contemporary technologies, extended to customers, partners and vendors accelerate end to end business processes, taking businesses on a path of fast track growth.

The enterprise workforce geared up with powerful mobile apps integrated into the workflows; ensure stunning outcomes increasing productivity and efficiency. A smartphone is the new age weapon for any business. Mobile apps are the arsenal for communication, decision making, data analysis, marketing and brand building for a business.

SPEC INDIA offers a one stop solution for mobile technologies, business solutions, gaming apps, social apps, informative apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and the Cross Platform - HTML5 and CSS3 Applications.

Our continued efforts yield benefits to businesses in a variety of domains and applications like Sales & Distribution, Integration to SMS / email / Paypal Payment, Healthcare, Education, Restaurant Management, Surveys & Promotion, Media & Entertainment, Insurance & Telecom for various Fortune 100 companies .

SPEC INDIA is a boutique ISO 9001:2008 certified software solutions company with 27 years of consistent and sustained growth implementing critical business systems at Multi-location. We provide Enterprise solutions for Fortune 100 corporations with core expertise in multi platform enterprise mobility solutions providing well established to manage 365x24x7 critical maintenance support. Our Projects adhere to quality assurance practice in line with ISO 9001:2008.


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