Challenges in Mobile Applications Development

Creating a standard application on a mobile device itself would require a huge amount of platform knowledge, domain expertise and a programming experience in C# and VB languages. The list here goes on and on. Another level of complexity is introduced due to the different levels of platform support for different smart phones. 

These are the major challenges faced by the mobile applications developers:
Ø  Operation of the application in various modes
Ø  Handing occasionally connected networks over limited bandwidths
Ø  Ensuring security, scalability and robustness to Clients
Ø  Mobile device programming
Ø  Flexible mobile forms development environment
Ø  Data integration to and from backend systems
Ø  Seamless application distribution and updates to field devices
Ø  Integration of mobile peripherals including printers, barcode scanners, card readers, etc.
Ø  Integration of the 3rd party scripts with the main code

At SPEC India, we have a well-trained team of mobile apps development professionals. A simple conversation with them says that above are the major challenges in the sector of mobile applications by the mobile application developers.

Happy programming!


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