Apple iPhone apps Acceptance / rejection Criteria

Yesterday, we have informed our viewers about the must things that should be there with the iPhone developer in order to get the apps listed at the Applestore. The Apple too must be following certain norms and regulations to get the apps listed at their store. This post contains some such criteria. Some basic checklist things are relevancy, content, industry, loading times, stability, pornography, customer experience, copyright violations and so on.

The following are some of the reasons:
Ø  Misleading informative products (deceptive marketing)
Ø  Improper material
Ø  Charge backs
Ø  Record on the Apple store
Ø  Content of the application
Ø  Application that might hinder the impression of the Apple

 In fact practically speaking, these things come to picture only after the iPhone developer has applied on the Apple store to get his/her application listed for marketing or purchase.

At SPEC India, we understand the investments and risks involved in developing any application in the very starting of the project. Further our design and development and QA teams always ensure that the apps developed are unique, relevant, stable, joyous and cost-effective so our Clients derive the maximum returns on their investments.


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