Few Must Things To Start Developing iPhone Applications

We have been giving away many posts on our blog for the experienced iPhone developers. And now, it is the turn of the beginners. Was just wandering like if a developer or a programmer wants to start programming and developing iPhone applications, then what must be there with him/her in order to begin the proceedings. Here we go:

1.    Hardware requirements. Basically a computer with a Mac OSx. Here, any computer system like Mac mini, Mac book or Mac pro will do.

2.    The most important thing is the iPhone Software Development Kid (SDK). It is available free to download. So, one can build the application and test the same without any extra costs. And then if you want to publish the app to the app store or iTunes, then you must have the apple developer license with you to mark your credibility. If you are thinking to take the programming stuff at higher levels and become an ace iPhone developer, you must have the apple developer license as well. This will definitely have an edge if you want to list your developed apps on the iTunes store.

3.    Programming language for iPhone apps development is Objective C, and in a general sense it is very much similar to C/C++. So, a normal programmer can do the trick here and can learn the iPhone apps development coding. The designs will be as similar as in the case of the normal website designs.

4.    Testing. Again the important thing. There are various paid as well as free simulators available on internet to test the iPhone apps. But, again as the developer if you are looking forward to take this hobby on a higher scale, then it is recommended to purchase a live iPhone and test the apps on iPhone itself, rather than the simulator. This will give you the practical experience with the memory usage, image loading speed, etc. – considering the fact that the iPhone also must be having some files and other apps stored with itself.

At SPEC, our well trained team of iPhone developers can take care of any requirement with proper analysis of the app as well as testing part. We have well rated simulators as well as iPhones and iPads blessed with latest features and versions of Operating systems. Our QA department takes care of thorough testing of any iPhone app before it goes live with the Client.


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