Linking iPhone with Outlook using iTunes (Wired Connection)

In previous blog post, we had talked about some options and possibilities of linking iPhone with the local outlook messenger. This will definitely add to the effectiveness to the business use of the iPhone, from usage point of view as well as from that of the iPhone developers.

Considering that you are an registered iTunes user, you can follow the following steps:
1.    Enable the iTunes plugin in Outlook.
2.    Connect the iPhone to the computer
3.    iTunes should open up automatically. If not, check again the plugin as in step 1.
4.    Open the ‘Info’ tab in iTunes, and select ‘Outlook’ from the ‘sync contacts with:’ dropdown
5.    Click the ‘sync’ button
With this, you will be linking your iPhone to the Outlook of the computer and thus would be able to check the emails from the iPhone itself. This is one of the simplest way to connect your iPhone with the Outlook.
a.    This is only once-a-way connection. Means that everytime you need to check the emails in iPhone, every time you need to dis-connect and again connect. Well, this can be tedious!
b.    Its only one-way connection. So, your Outlook information will be available on iPhone, but not vice-versa.
c.    The IMAP account set up should be same on both.


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