iPhone: Security Tips

Security has always been a major concern in all the forms of mobile applications development. According to a survey report from Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) for 2024 Information security professionals earlier this year, more than 50% of respondents say that risks related to mobile devices and remote workers are up significantly compared to the last year.

Here are some in-general tips that one should follow and potentially save ourselves of damage control:
1.       Enable the Auto-lock feature of iPhone
2.       Enable the Passcode lock
3.       Use Wi-fi safely on the iPhone
4.       Securely Access Corporate, Web Mail
5.       Browse the Web via Safari
6.       Set Device Usage Restrictions
So, overall this article is not particularly for the iPhone developers, it is for one and everyone who is using an iPhone and is worried about its security concerns. As far as coding is concerned, we have different rules, strategies and regulations to be followed at SPEC INDIA thus to ensure that the security of that application remains intact after it is live at App store, and is ready to download.


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