Mobile Apps: Keys to successful testing

Testing has always been the last most and very important part of the software development lifecycle process. Before every release of the products or the software mobile divisions, they are tested on the virtual simulators as well as live mobile phones. 

Here are some of the useful guidelines for the successful testing of the mobile applications:
  •   The application must be tested in uncontrolled real-world test conditions i.e. on the live mobile phones. This is called as Field testing.
  •   When the number of test cases is huge, Weighted Device Platform Matrix method suits best.
  •   The application must be checked functionally end-to-end. This is an important aspect.
  •   The first thing is understanding of the network landscape and the device landscape.
  •   Selection of the appropriate test tool:
o   Single tool that supports all the desired platforms
o   It should support testing for various screen types, resolutions, and input mechanisms
o   Tool should be connected to the external system to carry the end-to-end testing
Ø  Conditions like wireless traffic and user load will arise on actual real-time device only
Ø  The major tests are: Performance Testing, GUI Testing and Compatibility Testing

At SPEC INDIA, we have a dedicated team of Software Testing. This team has been responsible for testing each and every product and module of our major Clients Pepsi Co International Europe and Schneider Electric so far.


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