Listing iPhone Apps on iStores

iPhone application development process typically consists of the following 3 steps in a sequence: development, testing and debugging and selling it or listing on the iPhone app store. Here, we will try to explain the process of how the custom iPhone apps are designed, then accepted and later on listed on the iPhone store. The listing process on Apple’s online iPhone app store is vital as it is the only way to mass-distribute the developed iPhoneapplication, in any category or business sector.

Registration of the iPhone developer at Apple’s iPhonedeveloper program is a must for developing and listing the apps on the store. The things to be conveyed to Apple at the time of listing are all the relevant details of the app that they require and after receiving the application profile, the iPhone developer will test and optimize your app on real iPhones’ (and not simulator) before it can be listed on app store.

The apps can be commercial or technological in nature, and they can range from the price band of $0.99 to $999.99. The price has to be decided by the developer only. Apple charges 30% of the sales revenue as retailing fees while you retain the rest 70% of the sales revenue generated in total.


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