Mistakes that should be avoided while developing an iPhone game

Some tips to take care while developing an iPhone game.

•    Dot not get upset
You might easily get enticed to give up while developing a game, as it requires lot of commitment towards your work.

•    Don’t leave sound design for end
The sound and graphics needs to be iterated in the same way to get a good quality output, so always take care of it and work on it on time rather than leaving it for end.

•    Do not replicate
There is no harm in taking inspiration from other games but always try and bring some uniqueness in your game that will make you stand out in the app store.

•    Market game in advance helps build brand
Hundreds of games are released everyday in the App store. You should start marketing the game well in advance before it is released as it creates lot of curiosity and you will get maximum exposure on the day of its release.

•    Don’t make it for money
Put all the efforts in making a unique game which is compelling to the users and the money will follow. If you will make games with the objective of only making money then you may get disappointed.

•    Don’t predict to have an immediate hit
Lot of games is released every other day, so the chances of getting hit are condensed. But right marketing of the game will give you with lot of opportunities to have success.

•    Discuss the issue will help
Don’t keep your game a secret till the last moment, as it may work for big companies but not for independent developers. Start marketing you game as soon as it is fit state.

•    Don’t pay attention to nonconstructive opinion of others
 There are lots of people around who are looking for an opportunity to belittle others. Don’t follow them, believe in your work and do what you feel is right.

•    Updating of knowledge
You should not limit yourself to one aspect of game development, try and have knowledge of all aspect of game development as it will help you grow and produce quality games.


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