Types of GPS trackers:

In the previous blog post today, we have tried to introduce the mobile application developers with the basic architecture of GPS tracker. So, in line with the same, in this article we are now sharing some important details about the different types of GPS trackers:

Generally, a GPS tracker falls into one of these following 3 categories:
1.       DataLoggers
As the name suggests, the GPS logger simply logs the position of the device at regular intervals in its internal memory. They come along with a memory card slot, and a USB port. This type of data tracker also allows the storage and then further downloading of the data coordinates of the device that is tracked, and this is the primary reason why they are most preferred with the basic types of investigation cases.

2.       DataPushers
This is most general type of data tracking unit, used most probably for less complex applications and some Private Investigation cases like Vehicle Monitoring systems, etc. They are used to push (or send) the position or the coordinates of the device as well as the other information like speed at regular intervals, to a pre-determined computer, where the data is stored and also can be used for further analysis instantly. The beauty of these type of trackers is the GPS receiver and the mobile phone sit side-by-side in the same box, and use the same battery as well.
It can be further bifurcated as Personal trackers and Asset trackers.

3.       DataPullers
The data pullers are always-on and can be described as often as required. They are not so rampantly used these days for building small scale applications, because they are used in the applications – where there is a need to locate the device only occasionally. They are also known as GPS Transponders, because they transmit and data as well as respond the data.

At SPEC India, we are lot more concerned about the requirements of the Clients for the GPS based projects in mobile applications development. The GPS applications are basically working on the data trackers – if the apps are developed on a very large scale.


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