AssistiveTouch from Apple iPhone

Apple has already introduced iPhone 4 with a feature that the Users can literally talk with the device by giving them voice commands. Even the Siri, does the same function. But this time around I saw a very thoughtful and sympathetic gesture from Apple to introduce feature for the disabled people: AssistiveTouch

iPhone already worked great for blind and deaf with its voice-recognition capability. But until iOS 5 came along, it was tough if you had motor-control problems. This new feature called as AssistiveTouch, demonstrates how creative the people at Apple are. To activate it, go to Settings->General->Accessibility – a new white circle appears at the bottom of the screen. It stays there all the time.

When the User taps/presses it, you get a floating screen palette. Its buttons trigger motions and gestures on the iPhone screen without requiring hand or multiple-finger movement. All the User has to do is to tap with a single finger – even a stylus you’re holding in your teeth or fist.

I believe there are several millions of customers who have some or other physical disability to operate a smart phone. But amongst all, its Apple who took them initiative and supported them seriously.


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