Dynamically controlling your iPhone app from the Web

It is possible to control your iPhone from a remote location via web. It ranges from sending push messages to all of your users, some cross promotion activities, enabling/disabling the features at a particular time, sending picture messages, etc. All of this can be easily done with a little JSON and some web interface coding.


Practically, here is what the code structure will look like:
    "nag": true,
    "message": "Check out Smart Lockscreen Creator!",
    "url": "http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smart-lockscreen-creator/id419890996?mt=8"

Here, there would be one simple ‘nag’ popup that will nag the User to download the latest application. After you set the remote flag to continue, all the users will see the popup every time they launch the application. This popup will also display a dynamic message from the web and link to a location specified in the JSON.

The numbers of ways at which this can be implemented practically vary as:
Ø  Loading some application or a part of the application
Ø  Daily cross promotion activities
Ø  Daily content – like news, jokes, thoughts, etc.
and so on..


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