Importing contacts into iPhone simulator

While working with Addressbook.framework in iPhone programming, the developers might be looking forward to import the device’s data in the simulator. If you are not in sync with iTunes, it is compulsory to enter the all data manually. This is not only time consuming, but also there are certainly many things in your address book – that you would not necessarily think of.

Here is one another option – iPhone Backup Extractor. The User needs to download it, run it and go to Read Backups. Select your device, and the list of all the apps appears. Next, pick the last item on the list, iOS Files, and extract it to your desktop. When its done, open the folder it created for 2 files – iOS Files/Library/AddressBook, AddressBook.sqlitedb and AddressBookImages.sqlitedb. here, the background of all the important backup is already present, you just need to retrieve it by following below steps.

Open the simulator’s app Support folder and go directly to Library/AddressBook. Exit the simulator, delete everything present in the directory, and copy the two files noted above from your backup. And you are done!

Thus, if everything is well enough and correct, the next time you launch the simulator you should see all your contacts.

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