iPhone programming: Operations during an app is ‘ON’

Was just wandering what the things that could be done or and the things that are not allowed while running an iPhone application. When the User runs any application on the iPhone, the phone certainly uses the major part of the in-built memory of an iPhone in order to execute the application. TheiPhone SDK did not give you full control over iPhone functionality. But, there some things one can do using the upgraded versions of iPhone SDK like dialing a number, sending an SMS, etc.

Here are a brief of the operations while any iPhoneapplication is ‘ON’:

Ø  When one dials a number from your application, then your application will go in background and in ideal state automatically.
Ø  One cannot open an email with an attachment while the app is running in iPhone SDK 2.2.1, but with the upgraded version of iPhone 3.0, one can open an email Client from within your application only.
Ø  One cannot provide text from SMS, while the application is running


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