Installing Recovery Mode on an iPhone

Practically, one cannot install recovery mode on iPhone, as it is an in-built feature, but you can launch recovery mode if you need to restore the phone to its original factory settings. All you require is the USB cable that came with your iPhone and the iTunes software to accomplish this task. Once iTunes detects the device in recovery mode, you are able to easily restore the phone’s default software.
Here are the set of instructions:
>  Open the Apple iTunes on your computer
>  Connect the iPhone to computer using the USB cable
>  Turn off the iPhone
>  Press and hold the “Home” button until you see the silver Apple logo on a black screen
>  Press “Ok” button. Go to the left sidebar, select the iPhone under “Devices” and click the “Recover” button under the “Summary” tab
>  Click the “Continue” button to begin the iPhone recovery process, which restores your device back to its original factory settings and firmware.
Hope this post helps all the iPhone programmers as well as Users!


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