Google Web Toolkit

GoogleWeb Toolkit (GWT) is an open source set of tools used to develop JavaScript front-end applications in Java. GWT provides solution to effective reusability for recurring Ajax challenges like asynchronous remote procedure calls, bookmarking, internationalization, history management and cross browser portability. GWT enables developers to build and debug Ajax applications using any Java development tools, this applications when deployed they are translated to standalone JavaScript by GWT cross-compiler. These applications can also be obfuscated and deeply optimized using GWT. GWT does not involve only user interface programming, instead it is a set of tools that enable developing high-performance client-side JavaScript functionalities.

GWT applications can be executed in two different modes :

·         Development Mode : This mode is used for development, supporting hot swapping of code and debugging the applications, executed as Java bytecode within Java Virtual Machine.
·         Production Mode : This mode is used for deployment of applications. These applications are executed as JavaScript and HTML complied from Java source.

There are different open-source plugins available for GWT development, which makes development easier with IDEs. The Google plugin for Eclipse can handle most GWT tasks like creating projects, invoke GWT compiler, create GWT launch configuration, validation etc.

·         It is open-source
·         Reusability of UI components
·         Provides simple Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism
·         Can easily manage browser history
·         Can also handle cross-browser issues
·         Supports full-fledged Java debugging
·         Internalization and localization support


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