iPhone Programming Basics

We have been giving many articles for trained iPhone developers throughout our journey. So, in this post, let us go back to basics and give some valuable suggestions for the beginners of iPhone application development.

The version of iPhone from Apple was released way back in 2007. It was launched as a very smart phone at that time. Then due to rising demand in the market for applications development in the market, Apple released iPhone Software Development Kit – popularly known as SDK in 2008. This toolkit allows the developers to create the applications.

There are basically 2 types of applications developed:

1. Web Applications; they are most simple level applications that can be developed using Java, ASP, .NET, JSP, RoR, etc. They primarily run on a browser using HTML5, CSS and some programming language that can generate dynamic content.

2. Native Applications; they run on iPhones like any other applications on the mobile device. They use iPhone software development kit (SDK) released by Apple with the inbuilt frameworks and other frameworks and other frameworks that it supports.

Thus, the iPhone developers can install the required SDK at their machines and start developing the web/native applications.


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