Siri: Intellegent Software in iPhone 4S

Apple never specified what ‘S’ stands for in iPhone ‘4S.’ I wander it may be for ‘Siri’ !!!

To let you know, Siri is the most innovative voice-recognition software that comes with iPhone 4S. this enhanced and wonderful voice tool is an iteration on Apple’s previous Voice Control feature that debuted in the iPhone 3GS in 2009, but it allowed only voice-powered dialing and music selection.
To give you an idea about what Siri is, it takes about 2.5 to 3 seconds to create a reminder with a voice command, as opposed to 10 seconds to manually type an event in a to-do list or calendar entry.

Some of the exciting features are:
Ø  It acts as you personal assistant and uses voice to send messages, schedule meetings
Ø  It is mostly used better to control the iPhone’s default apps, such as creating reminders, setting the alarm clock and composing an e-mail or text message.
Ø  Directly update Facebook and Twitter updates
Ø  Integrated with Wikipedia, Wolfram Aplha &  Yelp
Ø  It can be used to pay your credit card bill through the Chase app, or to order your Chinese delivery through GrubHub, or to book your flight through the Kayak app.
Ø  Compute calculations on a voice command
Ø  By default, if you hold the iPhone up to your ear, Siri is activated, so it looks like you’re talking to someone on the phone rather than talking to the phone itself. Clever? Indeed.
and so on…


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