Mobile Apps Testing: Tools & Challenges

Every mobile platform has almost the separate tools for testing purpose. Here is the brief list of the same:
Ø  FoneMonkey: for iPhone applications. This is a free tool
Ø  Robotium: automation tool for Android Mobile Application
Ø  Sikuli: Visual technology to test graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images
Ø  Deviceanywhere: test tool for Mobile Apps across all the platforms
Ø  MITE: A Mobile content testing and validation tool for Mobile Web applications

Testing of mobile apps on emulators and live phones are altogether different. The apps which run on the emulators might not run successful due on the live mobile phones. In technical terms, this is called as Field failures.
In this category, the different screen sizes, image resolutions, etc. come into picture. The input methods too vary as QWERTY, Touch, Touch n type, etc. So, naturally the testing professionals have to cope up with the every emerging trend.
In case of mobile applications, even the normal tasks for testing will take a lot of time due to constraints of hardware like less memory and poor processing power on which these apps execute.


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