Localizing iPhone Apps

Localization and Internationalization are complimentary activities. With localization, we can display cultural information like units, dates, etc. The User can change the language by going to Settings -> General -> International -> Language. When language is changed, the iPhone also changes the name of the application, only if the application supports it.

The step-wise guide goes as:

1.    The first step is to find out what languages your application is going to support and gather all the text, images, videos, sounds and put them in a resource file or in a language directory.
2.    Then, the iPhone developer needs to localize the strings file
3.    Creating the resource file using genstrings
4.    Localizing iPhone display name

Thus, since the iPhone application can be downloaded by anyone in any country, it becomes significant that the app looks and behaves according to the User’s locale, culture and more importantly – the language. And this objective can be easily achieved with the above steps.

Happy iPhone apps development!


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