Cross Platform Mobile Apps development: Introduction & Tools

Currently, there are different mobile apps development platforms available including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile for all the mobile application developers as well as Users. Everyone prefers different kinds of mobile devices built using different mobile operating systems, and their requirements. The two popular mobile operating system are iOS and Android, since these two contain the majority of the market share.

They are certainly followed by Windows Phone and Blackberry OS. If you are a Mobile App developer, you must be wandering from where to start with, because all these platforms are equally promising as per their needs and the requirements of the Customer. As a developer, you need to choose a platform which reaches to more people or devices hence they develop applications in one common language and deploy them to all the popular platforms. This is cross platform mobile development.

The common language is HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. You can develop applications using HTML5 standard and deliver as native app to all mobile platforms using tools and frameworks.

But clearly, HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript – this formula works for cross platform development.

Here are some of the most popular and useful tools for the same:
> Phonegap
> Appcelerator
> Appmobi
> Rho mobile
> MoSync
> Sencha
> Corona

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