Memory Management in iPhone development

Memory management has been a core part of any programming language. And the ability to manage the memory part is the standard aspect of powerful programming skills in iPhone applications development. With the growing popularity of the iPhone and Apple’s well designed SDK, there are many many iPhone development project offerings even in the era of recession.

The most visible aspect for any mobile application, other than its look and feel, is the speed in terms of User interface’s responsiveness. As such the Apple’s iPhone provides 128MB of RAM, and a part of the same is dedicated for User interface only. This means that even if only one User application or interface is running at the moment, still there are a bunch of applications that are running in the background consuming additional memory space. Here, the memory of the mobile device must be able to run under the presumption of low memory and the fact that an incoming phone call or text message will further decrease the available memory and the system might come up with the memory warning message too.

Ideally, the size of the application should stay within 7-8MB limit in order to overcome any run-time memory issues. To place a note for all the iPhone developers,  the Apple’s development comes with tools that let you gauge the memory footprint as you move through your application.

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