iCloud Services from Apple

The Apple digitalized the meaning of having a mobile phone by launching iPhone in 2007. They revolutionalized the portable music industry with the iPods, and inaugurated the face of the music industry by iTunes store. Apple recently announced their iCloud service – it is a bunch of web services that will change the way our Personal Computers, Macs, tablets, and smartphones share data and interact with the Web.

This service will allow the User to synchronize their entire iTunes music collection, your photo collection from iPhoto, the documents from iWork, as well as backup from Mail.app with all their compatible devices. This will also add a heavy smartness to the modern day iPhone developers.

How it works… once the User connects the device to the internet via wired or wireless connection, all the files will be automatically in sync. The backup feature allows you to store your personal data, along with music apps and books purchased from the iTunes. You can restore all of your data directly to your device from iCloud, or move it to any new devices you buy.

If you switch back and forth between a Windows PC and your Mac, it will not be long before you can keep both of them in sync with iCloud.

Availability… the Scan and Match feature – also known as iTunes Match will be available in the fall. iTunes 10.3 is available right now, for Macs and PCs with iTunes 10.3, and it will allow you to download music you have previously purchased to all of your mobile devices.


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