Tips for Mobile Game Development

We have been narrating our experience with mobile applications development by our articles on the blog. If you are a beginner, sometimes we are lost to find a perfect direction and flow of steps to decide on the correct path for the mobile game development.

Here are some tips and tricks for the beginners of the mobile game development:

Start..  with J2ME is the most recommended one, and look at the other resources you need to flourish
Decide on which language..  if you are going to write a platform or basic game, try Layer, Sprite, etc. & If you are going to write a 3D game, then try with platforms like JSR184.
Learn and know yourself as a mobile game developer, and don’t give up!
Starting a new game.. plan the things, plan the architecture for the game engine class (logic)
Decide the software.. and download the latest or appropriate version of the SDKit
Decide the basic game design.. i.e. come up with the basic idea and logic
Develop the story line.. and establish the play modes
Get into the actual code.. expand the API given.. understand the devices for support, and build the skeleton program, and deciding with the coding structure for the classes, sub-classes, etc.
Testing the game application built, and then going for the final release.

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