iPhone - Bluetooth Programming

Two iPhone apps can be made able to communicate with each other using the Wireless protocol - Bluetooth. Some industry people say that Bluetooth is somewhat an expired technology, but still there are many Users in India, who have separately installed Bluetooth (via and as a private application) in their iPhones. The Bluetooth apps can be downloaded from the store to the iPhones. These applications can interact with each other over more than one iPhones at a time such as gaming or productivity reports, etc.

This protocol for iPhone programming is basically used for gaming, image sharing, and as a walkie-talkie software.

Moreover, Apple provides an application bundle named as ‘Bluetooth Mania.’ It allows the Users to use the iPhone as a walkie-talkie. In detail, the User needs not to call someone on the iPhone. Instead, if the other iPhone User is within the Bluetooth range, you can always use this app to communicate with each other too. Further, the smart iPhone developers can customize this app too.

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