Getting a Flash Player on iPhone

We all are aware by this time that iPhone does not come with an inbuilt Flash player. Yes, it can be separately installed using the Jailbreaking technique, but again that is illegal thing. However, there are a plenty of iPhone plugins available in the market as well as on the internet to make this process smoother – and these plugins are either developed or discovered by the iPhone programmers. One of the available plugins is iMobileCinema plugin, and so on.

However, on a smarter note, one can always utilize the cloud computing on the iPhone. With the ‘Cloud Browse’ app, access flash players for use on your iPhone. Just follow the below steps:
Step 1: Go to the iPhone App store. Search ‘Cloud Browse’ app. Download the app once you find it.
Step 2: Launch the app on the iPhone, and press ‘Web’ icon button
Step 3: Enter the URL of the website where you wish to get the flash player working
Step 4: Play the flash file or files within that specific website on the iPhone

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