iPhone to iPad programming: Moving ahead

iPhones and iPads  - these two are coined as favorite terms for all the mobile application developers these days. Any programmer, who is running an iPhone-optimized app on iPad will counter a letterboxed 1/3rd size or stretched and pixilated at double the native size. But still, the iPhone developers these take advantages of the latest UI-only conventions are poised to create an entirely ‘NEW’ class of powerful apps on iPads.

The big screen on iPad as compared to iPhone, allows the developers to offer on-screen controls much like a traditional Mac or Windows application.

The technocrats migrating from iPhone to iPad programming have already realized that they can utilize the top navigation bar as a fixed toolbar.

On iPhone, users often jump back and forth to reach essential off-screen options and functions, but on iPad contextual controls are introduced not by forcing the user away from content, but instead with navigation bars, edit boxes and popovers that allow users to linger on the main screen as they edit.

Now with iPad, Apple is challenging us once more to create the first generation of powerful, and robust applications for full-sized multi-touch.

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