Mobile Websites Development Ideas for Beginners

Was just sitting with our one of the most creative designer, and we happened to discuss about like what creative it takes to go for mobile websites development. This article is conclusion of our short meeting.

The era of internet surfers is gradually shifting towards the mobile devices rather than bulky desktops and even laptops. While developing websites for mobile phones, the following measures need to be taken care of:
> The first point difference between mobile website and a WAP site is the basic structure. The format in case of mobile websites needs to be simple and clean as ever.
> Content placement should be on priority, because people generally look for information, instead of a pleasing design.
> Keep your website clutter free by limiting the amount of images and videos to minimum.
> Integration and use of good mobile applications on your website creates a difference
> Work on some special CSS stylesheets to make it more appealing in terms of placement
> Keep the number of pages at the bare minimum, and internal navigation to maximum

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