Server-side programming in Java

This blog article specifically talks about server-side programming support from Java technology platform, and is particularly for the fresh Java programming beginners.

Generally speaking, a server is an application hosted on a machine that provides some services to the other applications (popularly known as Clients) who request the services. Although many types of server applications building is possible in Java programming, the below 2 are the major 2 kinds of servers:

> Web Servers: These are more recognizable servers from Java programmers’ point of view. They are basically used to host the content like the HTML files. A web server maps a client request to a file in the file system, and then sends the content of the file to the client in order to make the request.
> Commercial database servers (Database Management Systems): They are used to manage the data that comes from possible vendors, databases and other sources. These servers are responsible for consistent management of data that multiple clients can manipulate the data without loss of any consistency.

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