BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1

BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1

Blackberry has recently announced BlackBerry Java SDK v7.1 as a plug-in for Eclipse and BlackBerry Java development environment for Windows, and is expected to announce support for Mac soon. This SDK provides end-to-end suite of tools that enables developers to build robust wireless applications using new APIs with enhanced capabilities, support for push content, integration with email locally etc.

The main API features in this latest release are :

•    NFC Peer-to-Peer API : It allows to shares files and data with others through communication initiated using NFC technology with Bluetooth handover.

•    FM radio API : It will provide ability to developers to design applications to manipulate  FM tuner settings in there smartphones having supporting hardware.

•    Profiles API : This API will provide great features to the application which will change current profile settings so as to match users current activity.

This version will made available to all devices running on Blackberry 7 OS and the smartphones that will be coming up in future.


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