Mobile CRM & iPhone

What if a fine day when you are travelling, you realize that you want some important customer data right from your mobile phone. The excel sheets are too old in this case. Here, the SugarCRM team is very useful and expert and thus, have came up with Mobile CRM to address this need.

The Mobile CRM allows you to access the important data and statistics on your iPhones and other smartphones too. Thus, one can easily work from any remote areas for all your important tasks. The 3 different options available under the Mobile CRM are as:
1.       Sugar Moible
2.       Sugar Mobile Plus
3.       Sugar Mobile Browser
One can further enhance or customize the system as per the needs of the iPhone users. This system will really support all the business owners as it is applicable to all the smartphones. As such the iPhone developers can also use the custom code to re-develop the existing system using this framework.


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