iPhone Simulator: Installation & Usage

iPhone simulator is a very known device for all the iPhone developers. The iPhone developer, just need to launch the iPhone simulator. It takes some time to load, and once it is running you have a genuine iPhone simulator on your Mac. The only applications installed on this simulated iPhone are photos, Contacts and Safari browser. Launch the Safari web browser, and one can start checking out the apps and the websites.

Using an iPhone simulator:
Ø  Rotate your simulated iPhone; choose Hardware > Rotate Left, or Hardware > Rotate Right from the menu. iPhone’s Safariweb browser will automatically rotate the website you are viewing
Ø  Pinch-to-zoom gestures; hold down the Option key while clicking and dragging with your mouse. This will display a pair that represents your fingertips.
Ø  Double-Tap gestures; One can double-tap any part of a webpage to zoom in on that section. A useful detail to watch for if iPhoneusers are using their phones at that time.
At SPEC INDIA, our QA team thoroughly tests all the iPhone applications and projects on simulators as well as all the available live versions of the iPhones.


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