iOS 5.0.1: New features, Bugs Reported & Solutions

It seems that there is some new glitch in town for the iOS 5.0.1 system. The primary glitch appears to include the use of the Contacts app, making some users’ address books forget names when trying to call or text. The iOS 5.0.1 was released by Apple under the expectation of fixing other glitches, including the low battery life problem that has effected iPhone 4S users.

Users are still reporting some other bugs including dropping Wi-Fi, cellular network connection problems and microphone glitches. Its unclear whether these flaws are pre-existing are particular to the new firmware.
Despite these possibly reported problems, the iOS 5.0.1 contains multiple improvements for mobile devices. Among these are a return to the multi-tasking gestures on the original iPad,improved functionality of Cloud documents, and better voice recognition Users with some different accent – e.g. Australia.

But while these upgrades may garner smiles from iPad users and Australians, for people who cannot properly access the contacts in their address books, a more rapid jump to 5.0.2 may be in order.


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